Spaghetti is always a great option to keep in mind when considering easy ways of reusing leftovers. When it comes to Brussels sprouts, you can add them in as-is or do what we did and turn it into pesto for later use. One of the most delicious ways to stop waste is hidden in this recipe.

*Inspired by Grundig’s Respect Food Campaign in partnership with Food for Soul.


100g Brussels sprouts, cooked65g hazelnuts, toasted

80g pecorino, grated

garlic cloves

Olive oil, as required

400g spaghetti

65g stale bread crumbs

Salt and pepper


Put together the quartered sprouts, hazelnuts, garlic and pecorino in a mixer, gradually adding in the oil to form a thick compound

Cook the spaghetti, being sure to return to the pan with 2 spoons of the cooking water.

Transfer the resulted pesto in a pan and heat it. Throw the pasta into the pesto, mix well and then serve scattered with extra pecorino and crumbs of stale bread.