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Smart Dispenser for lesser spaces!Midea Table top water dispensers YL1635T is Stylish Design comes with 3 Tap – Hot / Cold / Ambient water option, Stainless Steel Hot Water Tank, Child Safety Lock for Hot Water, Double Safety Device for preventing Overheat, High efficiency compressor coolingFor homes with smaller kitchens and tighter spaces, the Midea Tabletop Water Dispenser YL1635T is the ideal solution. With enough storage room for hot, cold or room-temperature water, your thirst will be quenched and your house less crowded.Features:• Hot, cold & normal water• 4L/Hr Heated water capacity• 2L/Hr Chilled water capacity• Push button control• Child safety lock• The newest three-faucet design• Double safety device for preventing overheat • High efficiency compressor cooling• High power stainless steel hot water tank

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Compressor Coil material – Aluminum(A)
Heated water temperature -(°C) – ≥85℃
Heated water capacity min at 25 (°C)  Ambient (L/hr) – 4L/H
Chilled water temperature – nominal – (°C)/ – ≤10℃
Chilled water capacity min at 25 (°C) Ambient (L/hr) – 2L/H
Hot Tank dimension – 1.02L
Cold Tank dimension – 3L
heating watts (W) – 420W
Cooling watts (W) – 100W
Product Dimensions(mm)- 310*360*506


Warranty 2 years on all working parts and labour

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