Grundig 60cm Ceramic Hob with Touch Control

SKU: GIEV613420E

Featuring four spacious cooking zones and a stylish digital display, this ceramic hob makes cooking an activity to relish in and enjoy. Blending style with simplicity, the touch sensitive front control guarantees smooth, simple cooking every time. And, with nine cooking levels available per zone, you’ll be able to take complete control over your food as it cooks.

Top features:

– Powerful hob heats all your foods

– Extended cooking zones for flexible heating

– Special features keep your kitchen safe

Powerful hob

Cook all your favourite dishes on the Grundig GIEV613420E Electric Ceramic Hob. There are four cooking zones to choose from so whether you’re heating up a pot of pasta or whipping up a tasty stir fry, you’ve got the versatility you need.

You can also use the Booster to program each cooking zone to give a burst of heat on maximum power and then return to a simmer. Not only does this prevent food from burning, it also saves you the hassle of constantly checking your meal so you can get on with other things.

Extended cooking zones

The GIEV613420E‘s extended cooking zones are the perfect choice for flexible cooking. The cooking zones can be extended for bigger pots, or even reduced for smaller ones – really useful for dinner parties or gatherings when you’re making a range of dishes.

Special features

The GIEV613420E‘s child lock feature gives you peace of mind by preventing kids from playing with the controls. This keeps your kitchen a safe place, as well as protecting your cooking from mischievous little hands.

For even more safety, the heat indicators show a visible ‘H’ when they’re still hot, so you always know not to touch them.


Child Lock

Providing the ultimate peace of mind, the hob’s child lock will prevent children from accidentally switching on the hob.

Heat Indicators

For additional safety in the kitchen, the hob’s heat indicators will display a visible ‘H’ to warn you when the hob surface is still hot.

Extended Cooking Zones

The extended cooking zones feature is the perfect choice for a busy kitchen. The cooking zones can be extended for long cooking vessels, or reduced for smaller ones. Whether you need single, double or triple sized cooking zones, our flexible cooking zone can accomodate it.

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Cooking Type


Dimensions & Weight

H x W x D mm – 55 x 580 x 510

Net Weight – 12.5kg


3 years parts and labor



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