Westpoint Top Load, Twin Tub Manual 10Kg Washing Machine

SKU: WTX-1017P

Our twin tubes have a unique cover design, the water can be easily taken from clothes by the inner wind cycle which effectively improve water drainage effect.

Besides, Yin and Yang sides of the impeller are complementary and interacted to clean clothes.

The big impeller and the small one complement each other and result in various directions of water flow to prevent the clothes entangled.

Give your soft and shiny laundry experience.

Additional information

Max Load




  • Capacity 10kg
  • Washing Programs
  • Wash Timer
  • Drain Selector
  • Spin Timer
  • Rat Proof Base
  • Low Noise Motor System
  • Rust Free Plastic Body
  • Low Noise Motor Syste
  • With Pump


Warranty 2 years on all working parts and 1 year labour

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